Sydor T4U Readout Electrometer

Sydor Advanced Electrometer

The Sydor T4U readout electrometer is a powerful and time-saving readout device intended for use alongside Sydor’s family of diamond-based beam monitors. It is available with or without PID and upgradeable to have PID if desired at a later date.

The T4U uses a transimpedance amplifier design with three internal gain settings (low, medium, or high) to provide low-noise current measurements from <100 pA to 5mA. The electrometer has a large dynamic range to allow maximum signal amplification without saturating.

The T4U is connected to a control computer for control, viewing, and saving of the collected data. T4U viewer runs on Windows or Linus, providing a direct user controlled interface. It can be used in EPICS-environments as well. Data collected from the beam monitor continuously streams at 2.5 Ksps. The software is tailored to allow intuitive monitoring of raw current signals. Collected data can be displayed as plotted raw data or auto-scaled depending on the signal intensity. Cumulative channel currents can also be displayed. Within the GUI, application-side averaging is available. The system has a full software suite with pre-programmed calibration routines.

When a position monitor or the Transparent X-ray Camera are used alongside the T4U with PID, the unit’s programmable PID analog outputs simplify troubleshooting and alignment procedures. Users can calibrate their beamlines to correct for position deviations resulting from drift or offset and can maintain nanometer precision over hours of experimental operation, overcoming the inconveniences of thermal drift and vibrations. This is a time-saving tool that can provide immediate return on investment and ensure time is spent on research rather than performing alignment checks and corrections.

T4U Electrometer Features

  • Precise readout and output control for four channels with integrated ultra-stable bias output
  • User-friendly software to visualize the readout, control, and trends of the process
  • T4U with PID provides embedded DAC outputs to link to feedback devices for easy calibration and fast feedback control with nanometer precision


  • Useful for setup, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Provides comparison of calibrated beamline elements against collected readout values
  • T4U with PID allows controls of KB mirrors, focusing elements, stages, and other beam stability mechanical control elements

Main Interface within GUI

Main interface of Sydor Advanced Electrometer

Position Monitoring Interface within GUI

Data waveforms of Sydor Advanced Electrometer