Diamond-based Beam Monitors for X-ray Diagnostics

Diamond-based Beam Monitors provide continuous in-situ data without interfering with your beam.

Diamond Beam Position Monitors for X-ray Beamlines

Sydor manufactures a full suite of beam monitors made from electronic-grade CVD diamond processed to ensure the highest levels of performance. These monitors are available in designs that can provide in-situ measurements of the beam’s flux, timing data, position, and image the beam’s profile in real time.

When paired with Sydor’s T4U Electrometer with PID, the beamline can be programmed to provide automated alignment correction with mirrors, positioning stages, or any other peripheral equipment. Sydor’s readout electronics are designed to pair with the suite of diamond-based monitors to provide a powerful turnkey solution with an all-in-one readout solution that easily integrates the monitor’s into user’s beamlines for improved efficiencies in monitoring your beam’s diagnostics but with the added time-saving option of alignment correction.

Sydor’s team of experts engineer each monitor to meet your beam’s requirements. This includes special designing of your monitor’s diamond thickness, metallization selection, and cabling selection for applications requiring ultra-fast timing capabilities with MHz acquisition rates.

Sydor also manufactures direct X-ray detectors that span the EUV, soft, tender, and hard X-ray regimes.

Diamond as a sensor material

The data below explain various performance aspects of our x-ray beam monitors and why electronic-grade single crystal diamond is a superior material compared to other materials, often used for beam monitoring methods.

X Ray Beam Charts 1

Single Crystal Diamond Flux Calibration
High quality diamond sensors have been shown to have a linear response with x-ray flux over 11 orders of magnitude.2

X Ray Beam Charts 4

Responsivity vs Photon Energy
High quality diamond sensors can operate over a wide spectral range.1

X Ray Beam Chart

X Position Resolution

X Ray Beam Chart

Y Position Resolution

High quality diamond quadrant sensors provide position resolutions of at least 0.1% of the x-ray beam’s size. The position resolution measurements shown are for a 4.00 mm horizontal x 1.00 mm vertical x-ray beam.3

X-Ray Beam Chart

Temporal Response
High quality diamond sensors allow the observation of individual synchrotron bunches. 2

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Types of Diamond-based Monitors

Sydor’s family of diamond-based monitors are available with the following functions and capabilities:

  • Single-channel intensity monitors
  • Single-channel intensity and timing monitors
  • Four-channel position monitors
  • 32×32 Transparent X-ray Camera

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