Armored Vehicle Testing Equipment

Vehicle Testing

Armored vehicle testing of resistance to aggressors or attack

To meet the diverse levels of testing requirements, Sydor offers products to various international standards. Other examples include US TOP, ITOP US MIL-STD, COPD, VPAM, and PASS.

AEP 55 (STANAG 4569)

For the “Protection Levels for Occupants of Logistic and Light Armored Vehicles”

  • Small Caliber Universal Receiver/Medium Caliber Universal Receiver – with appropriate stand, table, recoil system, firing box, velocity/pressure barrels, cleaning kits, and boresights/borelasers
  • Velocity Measurement System – customized to meet your indoor or outdoor measurement requirements.
  • Target Retention Devices – with a heavy-duty target frame and Sabot Stripper
  • Preparation/Conditioning equipment with witness Sheets
  • Yaw Measurement – available to accommodate yaw card measurement, Sydor’s digital imaging Y.A.W. at Target System, or the Biokinetics Ballistics Yaw Measurement System (BYS). A Sydor ballistics expert is happy to review the differences between each system with you. To schedule a consultation, contact us here
  • Data Acquisition – The end user’s range data can all be processed with the Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS). For this test, the velocity IRIS system would be provided.


  • Velocity Measurement Systems

    Velocity Screens

    A cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems. Sydor Technologies offers a cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems. Multiple detection modes are available including optical measurement, acoustic measurement, or Doppler measurement....

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  • Universal Weapon Mounts

    Ballistics B1 Gun Outside Small Caliber

    A variety of weapon mounts to accommodate projectiles of all sizes Small Caliber Weapon Mount Sydor’s small caliber model accepts projectiles from .22” to 12.7 x 99 mm, whereas the...

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  • Yaw Measurement

    Yaw Work Station

    Yaw Cards are an outdated measurement method for determining a projectile’s in-flight yaw. Sydor manufactures the Yaw Angle of Attack system and our partners at Biokinetics offer a detection sensor...

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  • Readout with the Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS)

    Ballistics IRIS On Table Grey

    The Integrated Range Instrument System (IRIS) is an “all-in-one” control system for weapons and ammunition proofing, research and development on the range. IRIS can be paired with any of Sydor’s...

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  • Range Tables

    Ballistics B2 Gun With Barrel Adaptor

    Sydor Technologies’ weapon stands and tables are a versatile suite of rugged, fully-adjustable, and easily inter-changeable tables and stands. With multiple models available, each intended to be paired with Sydor’s...

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