Vehicle Testing

Vehicle Testing

Vehicle testing is critical to evaluate a vehicle’s resistance to aggressors or attack.

To meet the diverse levels of testing requirements, Sydor offers products to various international standards. Other examples include US TOP, ITOP US MIL-STD, COPD, VPAM, and PASS.

AEP 55 (STANAG 4569) for the “Protection Levels for Occupants of Logistic and Light Armored Vehicles”

  • Small Caliber Universal Receiver/Medium Caliber Universal Receiver – with appropriate stand, table, recoil system, firing box, velocity/pressure barrels, cleaning kits, and boresights/borelasers
  • Velocity Measurement System – customized to meet your indoor or outdoor measurement requirements.
  • Target Retention Devices – with a heavy-duty target frame and Sabot Stripper
  • Preparation/Conditioning equipment with witness Sheets
  • Yaw Measurement – available to accommodate yaw card measurement, Sydor’s digital imaging Y.A.W. at Target System, or the Biokinetics Ballistics Yaw Measurement System (BYS). A Sydor ballistics expert is happy to review the differences between each system with you. To schedule a consultation, contact us here
  • Data Acquisition – The end user’s range data can all be processed with the Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS). For this test, the velocity IRIS system would be provided.


  • Velocity Measurement

    Velocity Screens

    Sydor Technologies offers a cross-functional suite of velocity measurement systems. Multiple detection modes are available including optical measurement, acoustic measurement, or Doppler measurement. We offer various models for indoor and...

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  • Universal Launchers & Receivers

    Ballistics B1 Gun Outside Small Caliber

    Sydor offers a variety of launchers and receivers to accommodate projectiles of all sizes. Sydor’s small caliber model accepts projectiles from .22” to 12.7 x 99 mm, whereas the medium...

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  • Yaw Measurement

    Yaw Work Station

    Yaw Cards are an outdated measurement method for determining a projectile’s in-flight yaw. Sydor manufactures the Yaw Angle of Attack system and our partners at Biokinetics offer a detection sensor...

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  • Readout with the Integrated Range Instrumentation System (IRIS)

    Ballistics IRIS On Table Grey

    The Integrated Range Instrument System (IRIS) is an “all-in-one” control system for weapons and ammunition proofing, research and development on the range. IRIS can be paired with any of Sydor’s...

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  • Range Tables

    Ballistics B2 Gun With Barrel Adaptor

    Sydor Technologies’ weapon stands and tables are a versatile suite of rugged, fully-adjustable, and easily inter-changeable tables and stands. With multiple models available, each intended to be paired with Sydor’s...

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