Transparent X-Ray Camera

Sydor Technologies Transparent X-Ray Camera (TXC)

Monitoring Solution for Synchrontron Light Sources

The Transparent X-Ray Camera (TXC) is a profilometer designed to be a robust monitoring solution for today’s synchrotron light sources. The camera is an extension of Sydor’s Diamond Beam Intensity and Position Monitors. Rather than a single or four channel output, the monitor is a pixelated monitor, comprised of 60 μm pixels arranged into a 32×32 array.

Due to the mechanical properties of the diamonds being used, the TXC can be left in-line with the beam permanently and with very little absorption. The pixelated monitor provides beam position, size, shape, and flux information.

Each TXC is provided with a controller unit and TXC Viewer software. Shown to the right is a screenshot of the user interface.

The TXC was developed in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory and commercialized using Department of Energy SBIR funding. Learn more specifics about the TXC by viewing the latest datasheet or contacting a Sydor team member for an application review.

Sydor Technologies poster presented at SRI 2021
Poster presented at SRI 2021
Sydor Technologies TXC Viewer Software interface
User Interface in Sydor’s TXC Viewer software
TXC in use at NSLS-II
The TXC in use at NSLS-II