Technology Transfer

A Trusted Collaborator

Sydor Technologies is a proven, trusted collaborator— that has delivered successful technology-transfers and product development via private deals as well as developments from SBIR’s and other grant programs. We can help you transform next-generation measurement technology into a commercial product.

Technology Transfer Services

The founding of our company started with a technology transfer with the University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) to commercialize the ROSS Streak Camera for energy research and defense applications. With the success of this transfer, our partnership with LLE expanded, resulting in the addition of the X-ray Framing Camera, DynaCal, more to our suite of products over the years.

Our Partners

Sydor Technologies partnered with the Brookhaven National Lab with added funding via SBIR’s, and helped develop and commercialize X-ray Strip Detectors and Diamond Beam Position Monitors. More collaborations include partnerships with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the commercialization of Fast CCD and Spectro CCD. Active SBIR projects and collaboration with Cornell University have allowed us to commercialize the Sydor Keck PAD and MM PAD. Alongside our partners and Los Alamos National Lab, we have commercialized the Pulse Dilation PMT. Another recent addition resulting from these partnerships has been the Picosecond Gated Optical Imager

The technical transfer work Sydor provides allows for the development of a proper manufacturing model, with parts sourcing, efficient manufacturing, obsolescence management, software development, documentation, and warranty and service for the life cycle of a product. This is very critical for equipment that might be built-in low volumes, but have lifetimes of 10 to 15 years.