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Sydor Optical Target

Sydor’s Optical Target designed to replace manually measured paper targets; for use with subsonic and supersonic projectiles larger than 4.5 mm.

The Sydor Optical Target Model 482 is designed to replace paper targets and facilitate reporting of shot dispersion by accurately measuring the x,y position of small to medium caliber projectiles which are traveling at speeds ranging from subsonic to supersonic velocities. The target can be manufactured in several sizes with operational areas ranging from 300 mm square up to 1 m square.


• Accurate (x,y) shot position detection for dispersion measurement as well as velocity measurement

• Includes local processor unit for calculating (x,y) position and velocity

• Interfaces with Sydor IRIS (Integrated Range Instrumentation System) software for data collection, display and reporting purposes

• Can combine with supplemental velocity measurement to calculate Ballistic Coefficients


Precision/accuracy calculations including: Circular Error Probability (CEP), mean radius, covering circle and more, Less lethal standards testing, Subsonic ammunition testing, Weapon testing, Law enforcement personnel shooting qualification testing.

Sydor Optical Target

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