Streak Automation software for calibration, acquisition, and data post-processing.

The interface enables anyone from technicians to developers to easily operate the camera, automate tasks, and analyze data. ROSSApp has real-time image analysis capabilities—including curve-fitting functions (like exponential decay, Gaussian, and linear), geometric and calibration correction, sequential file saving, and more. It can store (and export) images in a variety of formats for direct integration with other image analysis tools.

The software analyzes data in real time, and the scripting routines allow users to customize accordingly. To reduce setup time and assist with repeatability, users can re-call setup conditions and metadata to match a previous shot.

There are three ways to automate and extend ROSSApp functionality. Non-developers can use Algorithms, a built-in scripting language, provided with each system. For developers, plug-ins can be written in .NET that extend the functionality of ROSSApp. Developers using the ROSS 5800, that want to control the streak system directly, utilize the ROSS-DLL library can be linked with their own code. Upon request, Sydor can develop custom software to interface to customer-specific control requirements.

Automate and extend ROSSApp functionality

  • Integration of all functions of the streak camera
  • Control and calibration of spectrometers, system dependent
  • Easy automation of acquisition and measurements
  • Software control of all parameters
  • Graphical-based scripting capability to automate many tasks
  • Flexibility to write your own algorithms
  • Optional customization to meet your specific needs and requirements