Shock Physics

Shock Physics Research using Streak Cameras

Shock physics is the study of materials in extreme conditions. In shock physics, researchers study the response of condensed matter to external events such as static or dynamic compression. The extremes of pressure and temperature generated in these experiments allow observations of unique phases of matter, such as metallic hydrogen. These studies require data capture of x-ray and visible images on a range time scales, with shock events lasting from a few nano-seconds up to micro-seconds, and often require sub-nanosecond time resolution. Because of these critical needs, manufacturers must have an in-depth awareness of both the performance and environmental needs of the instrument. 

Our Solutions

Of the approximately 65 Sydor streak cameras deployed across the globe, over half of the systems were procured for specific use in some form of shock physics research, from gas-gun impacts to laser compression. The time resolution and large photocathode size make the ROSS 5800 Streak Camera a popular choice for shock physics facilities.

Sydor’s ROSS 5800 offers < 5 ps temporal resolution and over 22 mm of imaging in the spatial dimension.  For applications such as Velocity Interferometric System for Any Reflector (VISAR), these performance metrics provide a time-resolved record of the fringe shifts and shock wave velocity. Additionally, Sydor offers a calibration suite of flatfield imaging, geometric correction, and time calibration to provide the crisp images needed in VISAR image processing, such that the velocity history of the shock can be recovered.


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