Target Scoring

Air Weapons & Mobile Artillery Scoring Systems

Providing complete Air Weapons and Mobile Artillery Scoring Systems based on camera and acoustic sensor configurations, communications, and software that will interactively train pilot and gunner crews.

Sydor provides integrated solutions that extend beyond our equipment—we consult and deliver project specifications, scoring layout designs, local range construction, as well as technical support and training.

Sydor Technologies scoring systems utilize cameras and acoustic technologies to provide cost-effective target scoring for bombs, practice bombs, ordinance, artillery and more. Our scoring systems are real-time, feeding wireless data to the command center or pilot communication network to enable the pilot or gunner to interactively train and optimize systems. The data is used to calibrate or adjust instrumentation for optimized targeting performance. Our team can provide the targeting equipment, as well as complex project management of remote installations, local construction, and long term support.

Target Scoring Products