Sydor Technologies provides custom, comprehensive ballistic and impact testing solutions—including design, engineering, qualification, training, and support—for defense, security, science, and research. We also provide “turn-key” solutions that conform to various quality standards (including NATO, ISO, CIP, SAAMI, NIJ, ABCA, CAST) based upon more than 30 years of experience.
Experience Counts

Based upon more than 30 years of experience in the field of ballistic and impact science, we’ve provided world-class ballistic and impact testing systems and components to customers in 33 countries around the world. We understand the need for accuracy, repeatability, compliance, and meaningful results.

A Range of Expertise

rangeIn manufacturing range hardware, integrating custom applications, and offering complete testing and analysis solutions, we’ve developed unparalleled capabilities and expertise serving our clients (partners) in the fields of defense, law enforcement, science and research, security, and commercial product development. And we’re experienced with developing ballistic and impact testing equipment and systems for use in forensic science, physics, material science, and medical science as well. In addition to setting up various types of ranges and ballistics and impact testing facilities (on land), we also provide complete airborne and marine scoring systems as well.

We also have the know-how and expertise to help you address various quality standards, including those of NATO, ISO, CIP, SAAMI, NIJ, ABCA, and CAST.

Hitting the Mark: Getting the Data You Need

Of course, there’s more to ballistics and impact testing than targets and testing. That’s why Sydor Technologies offers comprehensive, integrated solutions to conduct the tests you need—to get the mission critical data and results you want.

Whether you need to perform and analyze weapons and ammunition testing, armor and impact testing, or conduct ballistic imaging or yaw measurement, we can help.