Our team of experts can customize pulsers to meet your unique application requirements.

Kentech Pulsers
Custom Pulsers

Some examples include: high voltage into particular loads, programmable pulse shapes, variable repetition rates and pulse widths, and graceful failure designs.

Compact avalanche generators have been designed to provide >6 kV pulses with rise times of ≤100 picoseconds. Units with parallel switching allow higher voltages, with possibilities even up to 48 kV. Peak repetition rate can be in the range of a few to several tens of thousands of Hz depending on the voltage and pulse shape. Trigger jitter is very low – with typically a few picoseconds RMS. Units can have shaped pulses with rise-times close to 100 ps.

Various types of pulse shaping are possible, including designs for shaped pulses into capacitive loads.

Very high repetition rate and sub ns rise are possible with low voltage pulsers and applications include calibration, RF testing, and triggering. High voltage pulsers have a rise time of a few ns and are suitable for laser switching and particle beam deflection.

All pulsers can be matched to drive a variety of loads from a few ohms to 100 Ω, although 50 Ω is standard.