Standard 10 kV Pulser

10Kv Pulser Image

Pulser Features & Performance Specifications:

  • Pulser will be enclosed in a standard rack mount configuration (3U rack mount configuration).
  • The pulser will provide one channel output.
  • Output Voltage: Positive polarity 1kV to 10kV adjustable into 50 Ohms
  • Output: Single 50 Ohms coaxial e.g. HN, THT20 or other connector to be discussed and finalized with customer
  • Pulse duration: Fixed duration FWHM of 10ns to 110ns (user adjustable)
  • Risetime: 10% PV (Peak Voltage) to 90% PV ≦ 10ns.
  • Fall time: 90%PV to 10%PV ≦ 10ns.
  • Repetition rate: single shot or up to 5 Hz nominal operating conditions.
  • External trigger: 5V logic level into 50 ohms, risetime ≦ 5ns, pulse duration 50-500ns.
  • Timing jitter (with respect to external trigger input): <0.2 ns (rms)
  • Timing drift (with respect to external trigger input): <+/- 0.5 ns over 24 hours (10 minutes after application of power)
  • Control Interface: RS232, ethernet and front panel LCD/keypad
  • Environment: Room temperature environment.
  • Cooling, if required: Air cooling with inlet at front of unit and exhaust at rear.
  • Primary power: 110 VAC, 60 Hz.
  • Self-monitoring: switching stage health checks, load impedance, excess trigger rate

Anticipated Channel Pulse Performance

  • Pulse flatness and amplitude stability: +/- 5% of voltage setpoint.
  • Post pulse voltage: The output voltage following the main pulse after falling to +4% will remain within +/-4% PV until the rising edge of the next pulse
  • Design is tolerant of intermittent o/c, s/c and arc load faults. To avoid connector and cable damage the pulser may shut down under fault conditions.
  • Service life of >50 million pulses. Self-diagnostics allow the location of failed switching devices to be identified, which can be replaced during a scheduled service as required. Note that individual main switching device failures have a minimal effect on the output amplitude.

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