Pulse Generators

High Voltage Pulse Generators

High Voltage Pulse Generators (Pulsers) play an important support, and oftentimes enabling role in products and experiments. Many applications make direct use of pulsers for generating electric fields, be it applied to electrodes for manipulating charged particles, Pockels cell crystals to manipulate the polarization of light, or strip-line magnets to apply the kick to ion-bunches at high energy light sources.

10 kV Pulser (attenuated output represents 11 kV amplitude, 108 ns pulse width, <10 ns rise/fall time)
10 kV Pulser (attenuated output represents 11 kV amplitude, 108 ns pulse width, <10 ns rise/fall time)
AWG-100D (example of custom output waveform)

Applications can require time-varying pulses or counter-propagating pulses, such as used for photocathode extraction voltages in various diagnostics. Medical applications and certain stress tests are dependent on fast rise/fall times so that applied peak voltages essentially remain constant over the time scale of interest. Overall, pulsers provide the means for transforming various phenomena into usable tools and actionable data.

Advantages of Sydor Pulse Generators

Each application requires its own consideration for specification priorities, but there is typically a general advantage for having an adjustable pulser able to adapt to different scenarios. One such enabling pulser is the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, which allows the creation of custom voltage outputs in small (~125 ps) windows throughout a wider range (several ns). This supports applying varying voltage in a custom curve to improve signal/noise ratio, or to compensate for time-varying phenomena. Another benefit for applications is the achievement of sub clock cycle jitter in these units. This capability can be carried over to other pulsers as well and integrated into custom diagnostics. Another example is the Sydor 10 kV, which has a unique architecture capable of achieving fast rise/fall times (<10 ns) at high voltages.

What Sets Sydor’s Pulse Generators Apart:

  • The Sydor 10 kV Pulser supports a flattop waveform with fast rise/fall times without the after pulse ringing.
  • We offer pulse-width tunability covering a few to hundreds of ns.
  • Our pulsers make use of careful safeguards to protect the circuitry from damaging events in the field.
  • The Sydor team is constantly seeking new challenges and custom requests that push advancement of designs and help expand our capability of providing the best and most reliable solutions.

Choose the Right Model for Your Needs

Each pulser is made to order and optimized for your requirements. This table shows the most common configurations, though offerings are not limited to these. Find the Pulse Generator configuration that meets your needs, then click to find out more.

10Kv Pulser
10 kV Pulser
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Arbitrary Waveform Generator 10ns or >100ns
Programmable Laser Pulse Shaper (PLPS-F)
Programmable Laser Pulse Shaper
Programmable Optical Pulse Shaper
Programmable Optical Pulse Shaper 10ns or >100ns
High Voltage Pulser 7 (PBG7)
PBG7 High Voltage Pulser
BenefitsPulser health monitoring, fast rise/fall time, stable flattop outputUsed with fiber optic modulator to produce shaped laser pulse. 112 samples of ~100ps duration or 800 samples of ~125ps duration~300 MHz sample rate compensates for gain depletion in long pulse laser amplification systemsBuilt in EO Modulator. 112 samples of ~100 ps duration or 800 samples of ~125ps durationPBG family of pulsers offer very high peak power output coupled with a fast rise time
Amplitude10 kV> 6 V – 8 V~750 V~5 – 6 V> 45 kV
Rise/Fall Time<10 ns≤ 200 ps10-30 ns in 50 pF load≤ 200 ps≤ 150 ps
Pulse Width10 – 110 ns10 ns or 100 ns≤ 1 µs10 ns or 100 ns3 ns
Rep Rate10 Hz1 kHz – 100 KHZ50 kHz1 – 50 kHz500 kHz
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Sydor Pulser Technology Services

Custom Pulse Generator Development

Sydor Technologies appreciates the uniqueness of every application and interfaces with your team early on to understand your performance requirements. As pulsers are typically integrated into unique configurations, our team will work with you to better understand the environment of deployment, power load the pulser will be connected to, and the overall performance requirements to ensure the best solution is being considered.

Our team brings decades of experience with collaborators, offering suggestions to help maximize performance and end-customer success. With the range of parameter specifications to meet a variety of pulser needs being quite large, we have established a standard procedure to focus on what will define the ideal pulser architecture to meet your specific needs. This involves collecting relevant details up front, allowing us to gauge the similarity to our standard offerings and scoping any amount of development that may be required.

Pulse Generator Repair

Sydor Technologies fully appreciates the challenges and urgency generated when a pulser fails in the field. To minimize down time, Sydor offers complete after sales support and repair of Sydor Pulse Generators. This includes repair of Kentech manufactured pulsers, which are now handled by Sydor Technologies as well. If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Repair of other brands: For Pulsers made by other manufacturers, Sydor evaluates these on a case by case basis to establish the feasibility of a repair at our facility. Please contact us for further details.

Need a replacement for the Bournlea 3148?

The fully supported Sydor 10 kV Pulser is the solution.
Sydor Technologies is actively bridging the gap left by the phase out of the Bournlea 3148 with a solution that actually meets or exceeds the original specifications. Find out more about how the Sydor 10 kV Pulser can meet your immediate needs.