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Sydor Technologies wins 2nd $1.15M Phase II SBIR grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE), totaling $2.3M in 2022 thus far

ROCHESTER, N.Y., [June 8, 2022] ‒ Sydor Technologies, a global leader in advanced x-ray detectors and diagnostic instrumentation design and manufacturing, was awarded a second Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for the development of a Coupled ASIC MCP (CAMP) camera for soft x-ray research. Funding is valued at $1,150,000 and will be provided over 24 months by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

This Phase II award builds on Phase I, which evaluated how to bring a robust, commercially available CAMP to the scientific camera market. Sydor partnered with Photek Ltd. to provide the microchannel plate and selected a commercially available integrated circuit ideal for intended applications. Phase I established a practical system architecture for the commercial prototype using existing detector technology. Objectives of Phase II include generating a commercial prototype for use at soft x-ray beamlines, ultimately providing beta-level beamline testing. Detector advancements like the CAMP enable scientists to more completely understand the electronic properties of materials. This will help leverage advanced material properties for future semiconductor and transportation applications.

Sydor Technologies’ leading x-ray technology expert Dr. Ben Martin said, “The coupled ASIC MCP is an exciting new detector to add to Sydor’s growing portfolio of soft x-ray research solutions. The CAMP will help bridge the gap between what soft x-ray scientists need to collect data and what they currently have.”

Existing detectors often use indirect detection, which limits temporal resolution and only counts a small number of simultaneous events. The proposed detector will demonstrate better time resolution, improved spatial resolution with centroiding, and the ability to encode thousands of single photon events simultaneously. Sydor’s CAMP will drastically improve the ability of beamline scientists and visiting researchers to collect soft x-ray data. This will benefit the fields of astrophysics, neutron imaging, radiography, bio-imaging, and imaging dynamic processes.

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