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Sydor Technologies Signs Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement with Biokinetics


ROCHESTER, N.Y., [September 24, 2018] – Sydor Technologies, a global provider of mission-critical instrumentation for the defense, energy, and security industries, announced today that is has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Biokinetics. Per the agreement, Sydor Technologies will be responsible for the global marketing and sales efforts of Biokinetics’ suite of products. Biokinetics will continue to oversee marketing and sales efforts within Canada, where Biokinetics is headquartered.

Biokinetics provides a range of specialized testing equipment for evaluating the performance of protective products to internationally published testing specifications. Their products assess the risk of injury when protective equipment, such as helmets or body armor, is subjected to impact. The company’s expertise spans ballistic load sensing headforms, ballistic testing, blast effect assessment, blunt trauma experimentation, stab testing, and sports impact testing. The extension to personal protection and armor is a natural transition given Sydor’s established products which are used for the certification and testing of projectile motions and speeds.

Sydor’s exclusive distribution agreement with Biokinetics enables customers to have a single, trusted expert source for the design, integration, and service of complex projectile measurement solutions that address today’s evolving testing specifications.

“Sydor now delivers integrated solutions that document the performance of projectile motion, leveraging the expertise that Biokinetics has amassed over the last 40 years. With this agreement, Sydor can now provide its customers solutions that deliver detailed analysis and identify the effects of projectiles on personal protective equipment. Sydor’s ability to extend Biokinetics’ sales globally will be a benefit for all,” says Michael Pavia, President and CEO of Sydor Technologies.

Biokinetics President, Nicholas Shewchenko, states of this agreement, “Combining Sydor’s external ballistics expertise with Biokinetics’ terminal ballistic injury assessment tools will create a synergy allowing the evaluation of protective armor solutions with greater confidence and relevance than previously possible.”

About Biokinetics
Biokinetics is advancing the development and evaluation of soldier injury prevention solutions designed for blunt impact, ballistic threats and blast events. By working with government agencies, industry and regulatory bodies we have developed injury assessment methods and evaluation tools that advance our understanding of injury mitigating strategies, armor technologies and performance of protective equipment including helmets, body armor and vehicle systems. Since its founding in 1975, Biokinetics has gained recognition for its applied biomechanical injury research in the transportation, professional sports, law enforcement and defense fields. For more information, please visit