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Sydor Technologies Receives $150,000 from the Department of Energy (DOE) SBIR program for development of a Transparent X-ray Detector

ROCHESTER, N.Y., [JAN. 24, 2019] ‒ Sydor Technologies, a global provider of advanced x-ray detectors and diagnostic instrumentation for the energy, research, and defense industries, announced today that it has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract worth $150,000. With this funding, in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Sydor Technologies will develop and commercialize a Transparent X-Ray Camera. The Transparent X-Ray Camera will image the x-ray beam profile at the time of impact with the target. This technology will provide scientists with fine details that were not previously available – such as the intensity distribution and profile of the beam. The ability to profile the beam is a key feature that will enable end users to fine-tune peripheral equipment, like mirrors, to achieve the beam-shape required for the experiment. Future uses would allow the sensor to be used in other X-ray applications like fusion, OEM devices, and high energy physics.

Modern X-ray lightsources produce higher intensity and energy pulses, resulting in the need for detectors capable of performing across a wider range of capabilities. High intensity X-rays destroy many traditional direct imaging devices, so the ability to image in-situ at these intensities is critical. The Transparent X-Ray Camera is engineered with leading-edge materials to withstand the intensity, measure across a wide dynamic range, and minimize distortions in the captured images. Sydor Technologies will extend BNL’s initial developments and produce an imaging beam monitor in a production-worthy commercial offering.

The initial Transparent X-Ray Camera will feature sub-50 μm pixels arranged into a 32×32 array, resulting in high spatial resolution. The provided electronics package will allow for an ultra-wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, and integrate feedback controls required to match the target applications. With the camera, researchers can gather real-time feedback with automatic control of these complex optical systems. Users will have more control over their beam-shape, experience shorter set-up times, troubleshoot with more efficiency, and ultimately save both time and money.

Sydor Technologies Vice President of US Operations, Mark Katafiaz, states “Our first work with BNL on diamond-based position monitors was a great success. As time passed, customers expressed the desire to gather profile information during impact while concurrently imaging. The Transparent X-Ray Camera will allow us to do both simultaneously. We are excited to bring this rugged camera to the high-intensity and energy x-ray market, where traditional cameras have failed. The solution we will offer will include this camera paired with multi-channel high-bandwidth readout electronics. With this package, scientists will be able to simultaneously image and gain valuable feedback control for the highest intensity light sources.”