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Sydor Technologies Launches a 10 kV High Voltage Pulse Generator

10 Kv Pulser

ROCHESTER, NY [March 21, 2024] – Sydor Technologies, a global leader in developing and deploying ultrafast detectors and high voltage electronics, proudly announces the world-wide launch of its latest high voltage pulse generator, the Sydor 10 kV Pulser.

Developed in collaboration with Kentech Instruments, the Sydor 10 kV Pulser addresses the demand for solid state pulsers rivaling the capabilities of thyratron pulsers that are no longer supported. Development began in 2020, and continued despite challenges through 2021, resulting in completion in late 2021. First deployments of this pulser architecture have included service as a Pockels cell driver and supporting electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing. The pulser has received subsequent modifications, and a strong component supply chain has been established.

The Sydor 10 kV Pulser is highly adjustable, providing amplitudes from 1 kV to 10 kV and pulse widths from 10 ns to 110 ns. The pulser architecture supports < 10 ns rise and fall times, while avoiding overshoot at peak voltage – with minimal post-pulse ripple. The new design monitors the load impedance and can shut down to self-protect in the event of load faults while being tolerant of intermittent o/c, s/c, and arcs at the load.

Some unique benefits of the 10kV design include:

  • Health monitoring of key components which supports operations with limited maintenance periods
  • A unique architecture capable of fast rise/fall times (< 10 ns) at high voltages
  • Adjustable amplitude and pulse widths, allowing optimization for different experimental modes
  • Ensures a stable flattop waveform with fast rise/fall times without overshoot or post-pulse ringing

With adjustable amplitude and pulse width, the 10 kV Pulser is easily optimized for various experimental configurations. Monitoring capabilities include a 1000:1 proportional monitor to detail the waveform being applied to the load. Key component health monitoring also supports deployment in areas with infrequent access, which can inform planned maintenance periods. The 10 kV Pulser can be deployed in a myriad of environments and has the ability to support many modes of operation. The robust design allows deployment for applications that have varying loads or destructive component testing.

Sydor Technologies’ Pulsers Business Unit Manager, Dr. David Garand, comments, “It is exciting to see the launch of such a robust product into the market place. Beyond the incredible output waveform, we are thrilled to have an architecture that supports experiments with high reliability and health monitoring to inform planned maintenance periods, and is robust in hostile environments which makes this an ideal choice for training new scientists.”

About Sydor Technologies

Sydor Technologies is a global leader in providing complex measurement solutions that generate critical results for the world’s most advanced applications in the defense, energy, ballistics, security, space, and research industries. Established in 2004, Sydor Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, NY and now supplies systems and support in over 33 countries.

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