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Sydor Technologies included on Purdue University research team selected by NASA


Sydor Technologies is privileged to partner with a research team from Purdue University, one of four University teams selected by NASA in their prestigious University Leadership Initiative (ULI). Led by Dr. Timothee Pourpoint, Purdue’s team will refine techniques and hardware associated with a particular set of optical and laser sensors that can be used in examining the surfaces and flow of a hypersonic vehicle in flight. Hypersonic flight is flight at speeds of Mach 5 and beyond — more than 3,500 mph at sea level.

In addition to faculty from Purdue University, the team also includes faculty from the University of Virginia as well as faculty and students from Hampton University. As a commercial partner, Sydor Technologies’ expertise with complex measurement is complemented by Innoveering’s expertise with hypersonic environments. Dr. Pourpoint notes, “With the inclusion of two established small businesses with proven track records in sensor development (Sydor Technologies) and integration in hypersonic environments (Innoveering), we anticipate a rapid transition of our technologies to flight vehicles.” 

Sydor Technology will be represented on the Purdue team by Dr. David Garand, a Purdue alumnus, who received his PhD from Purdue’s Department of Physics and Astronomy.