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Sydor Photonics Technology Platforms


Sydor Instruments LLC has identified a series of “Photonics Technology Platforms” which support the company’s philosophy of providing total laboratory support for specific photonics measurement requirements. These Platforms, based on specific Sydor instrumentation packages, will provide the laboratory with engineered solutions to the specific requirements of that lab.

The first specific Photonics Technology Platform to be identified is in the area of Shock Physics measurements. Based on a specially engineered version the renowned high accuracy ROSS (Rochester Optical Streak System) streak camera, Sydor Instruments will offer such additional measurement solutions as custom VISAR systems, input optics design, software analysis packages, and whatever other requirements the researcher might have.

By identifying specific “Technology Platforms”, Sydor will leverage its in-house high-speed photonics design and manufacturing expertise into logical, interrelated areas of interest which will efficiently focus on the requirements of particular photonics measurements.