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Sydor Instruments Receives $225,000 Grant from the Department of Energy, Office of Science — Grant provides for the commercialization of a unique X-ray detector operating in the soft X-ray regime at 100 times faster than current commercial offerings.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 18, 2017 ‒ Sydor Instruments, a Sydor Technologies Company, announced today that is has been awarded a $225,000 SBIR Phase I grant from the Department of Energy, Office of Science. Sydor Instruments will use this grant in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to commercialize a unique CCD sensor, the Sydor Fast CCD, that allows for direct detection of EUV to tender X-rays at speeds 100 times faster than traditional offerings. X-ray light sources have continued to develop brighter and faster X-ray beams that can exploit new information from their experiments, as long as they have detectors that can resolve the details. The Sydor Fast CCD is specifically designed to allow new discovery for experimental methods like scattering and diffraction, as well as directed research into areas such as, semiconductors and nanomaterials.

The Phase 1 award allows Sydor Instruments to execute the transfer of a proven, installed R&D sensor into a repackaged and enhanced commercial offering that addresses the requirements demanded by the worldwide light source community.

About Sydor Instruments
Sydor Instruments, a Sydor Technologies Company (, is a global leader in providing comprehensive solutions for high-speed imaging and diagnostics. The company provides customers with custom diagnostics and ultrafast imaging systems for a variety of applications in science and industry where the highest resolution and accuracy is required. Sydor Instruments supplies state-of-the-art technology for streak cameras, x-ray detectors, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, HV pulsers and more.

About Sydor Technologies
Sydor Technologies ( is a global leader in providing comprehensive, customized solutions for the most complex measurement challenges in the defense, energy, security and research industries. The company has two primary operating units, Sydor Instruments that specializes in high-speed imaging systems and diagnostics, and SABRE Ballistics that specializes in ballistic and impact test systems.  Sydor Technologies operates in 33 countries with its world headquarters in Rochester, NY.

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