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Sydor Instruments Receives $223,861 Grant from the Department of Energy, Office of Science — Grant enables the commercialization of an ultra-wide dynamic range detector to address the extreme conditions powerful light sources provide.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 18, 2017 ‒ Sydor Instruments, a Sydor Technologies Company, announced today that is has been awarded a $223,861 STTR Phase I grant from the Department of Energy, Office of Science.  Sydor Instruments will use this grant in collaboration with Cornell University to commercialize an ultra-wide dynamic range X-ray detector, the Sydor MM-PAD. Traditional X-ray detectors cannot accommodate the large dynamic range of collected X-rays. When a detector is out of the required dynamic range, fundamental scientific questions go unanswered or the beam line must employ multiple tests, multiple sensors and the additionally complicated analysis.  The Sydor MM-PAD also solves the tradeoff between dynamic range versus resolution by employing a mixed mode analog/digital capability that maintains the single X-ray sensitivity in the analog mode and extends the dynamic range by utilizing an in-pixel digital overflow counter.

Mark Katafiaz, Vice President of US Operations, commented, “Sydor is pleased to be chosen again by the DOE for commercialization of another of the Cornell PAD sensors, the MM-PAD. Our projects with the Cornell detector group continue to address the needs of worldwide scientists and state-of-the-art light source requirements. We are proud to leverage our two New York State entities that are delivering new capabilities to the worldwide science community.”

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Sydor Instruments, a Sydor Technologies Company (, is a global leader in providing comprehensive solutions for high-speed imaging and diagnostics. The company provides customers with custom diagnostics and ultrafast imaging systems for a variety of applications in science and industry where the highest resolution and accuracy is required. Sydor Instruments supplies state-of-the-art technology for streak cameras, x-ray detectors, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, HV pulsers and more.

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Sydor Technologies ( is a global leader in providing comprehensive, customized solutions for the most complex measurement challenges in the defense, energy, security and research industries. The company has two primary operating units, Sydor Instruments that specializes in high-speed imaging systems and diagnostics, and SABRE Ballistics that specializes in ballistic and impact test systems.  Sydor Technologies operates in 33 countries with its world headquarters in Rochester, NY.[gdlr_divider type=”solid” size=”50%” ] Media Contact:
Mark Katafiaz, Vice President of US Operations
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