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Sydor Instruments Launches Imaging System as Cost Effective Alternative for Ballistics Testing


Sydor Instruments will launch the ballistics imaging system at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing April 25-29 in Orlando. This cost-effective alternative to high speed video is helping the Army to accurately measure testing requirements for projectile orientation at US Test Facilities while helping them to keep budgets in check.

Sydor Instruments’ light source imaging system allows a commercial off-the-shelf Machine Vision camera to capture the yaw and angle of a fast flying projectile crossing a field of view. The system, designed for experimental flexibility, offers:

  • Adjustable pulse from 12ns – 40ns
  • High repetition rate
  • Dual mode (alignment & pulsed imaging)
  • Integrated pulse shaping circuit
  • Customizable illumination area
  • Multiple mounting points (1/4-20)

“This is a great example of Sydor’s capabilities for custom imaging systems. The product is the result of a strong, collaborative relationship with the Army, and we look forward to implementing them in US Test Ranges,” states Michael Pavia, CEO of Sydor Instruments.

The light source and sample test results will be demonstrated at the Sydor Instruments booth 1423 at SPIE Defense, Security & Sensors starting April 25, 2011.

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