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Sydor Instruments Launches 8GHz Comb Generator and Vacuum X-Ray Camera at Photonics West 2009


Sydor Instruments will present two brand new products at Photonics West 2009 in San Jose, California; January 27-29, 2009. The featured Vacuum Compatible X-Ray CCD Camera and 8 GHz Laser Optical Comb Generator are the latest innovations available from Sydor Instruments, the leader in diagnostic instrumentation. 

Sydor Instruments – Booth #334 
“Displaying the advanced Sydor Optical Comb Generator and the Vacuum Compatible X-Ray CCD Camera really showcases our diverse product line,” said Michael Pavia, President of Sydor Instruments. “Sydor Instruments is known for its ability to custom design and build configurations that are tailored to a company’s unique applications. These are our two newest options among several others that Sydor professionals can collaborate with customers on to deliver the best systems for low light and ultrafast imaging.”

The new Sydor 8 GHz Laser Optical Comb Generator delivers 60ps pulses at speeds ranging from 2 GHz up to 8 GHz of operation. It is ideal for accurate, time base calibration of electro-optic instrumentation, sensors, detectors, and streak cameras.

Sydor’s new Vacuum Compatible X-Ray CCD Camera is capable of operating completely in a vacuum. With flexible binning and ROI readouts, the Sydor X-Ray Camera is capable of performing in many different applications such as plasma physics, deep UV lithography, x-ray microscopy, and x-ray spectroscopy.

Sydor Instruments continues to build on its world class ROSS (Rochester Optical Streak System) streak camera products and delivers the best in single photon counting cameras, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, and detectors for aerospace, energy, and life sciences.

Registration is now open to attend Photonics West 2009. For more information on the Sydor Vacuum Compatible X-Ray CCD Camera and 8 GHz Laser Optical Comb Generator visit Sydor Instruments’ booth #334 or contact Sydor Instruments at 585-278-1168 or online at