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Sydor Instruments Introduces Largest Range of New Products in Company History at Photonics West 2015

ROCHESTER, N.Y., February 3, 2015 – Sydor Instruments will present its newest product innovations at the Photonics West Trade Show February 10-12, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. The range of new products represents the largest product introduction in the company’s history and features the new ROSS 5800 Optical Streak Camera, ROSS 6000 X-Ray Streak Camera, DynaCal Optical Calibration Module, a portfolio of X-Ray detection devices and new product introductions from strategic partners Lasermetrics® and Photek.

“I am excited to introduce our newest innovations at Photonics West this year. This range of new product introductions reinforces our commitment to be the global leader in providing custom, integrated high speed imaging solutions. Sydor Instruments continues to innovate with new products and with strategic alignments such as our recently announced partnership with Lasermetrics to serve as a sales and applications partner in North America. These types of partnerships, combined with our industry knowledge and technical expertise, uniquely qualify us to offer custom, integrated solutions to our customers,” explains Michael Pavia, President of Sydor Instruments.

Sydor Instruments Booth #600

The new ROSS 5800 Optical Streak Camera is the next step in world class accuracy from a streak camera. It features a new tube design plus other enhancements that result in a performance improvement throughout the range of the 35 mm cathode area. It utilizes dual slots that mitigate Space-Time focus astigmatism and employs a curved image plane for superior focus out to the image boundaries. Control is via the ROSS_App software.

The new ROSS 6000 X-Ray Streak Camera provides an excellent solution for x-ray diagnostics. It features a 25 mm interchangeable photocathode with an open tube design that balances the price-performance range with under 5 ps speed. It is available in reentrant or TIM/DIM configurations and is capable of single shot or high rep rate operation.

The new Sydor DynaCal Optical Calibration Module (OCM) is the only in situ OCM that enables dynamic calibration. When combined with the remote, automated calibration capabilities of the module, it results in maintained accuracy and significantly lower cost of ownership versus “remove and bench test” options. It enables the security of maintaining better than 1% measurement accuracy at any time, or before any shot. The DynaCal OCM with remote operation and auto-calibration is exclusive to the Sydor ROSS 5100, 5800 and 8200 Streak Cameras.

The portfolio of Sydor X-Ray Detectors and Diamond Beam Position Monitors includes:

  • X-Ray Strip Detectors: (3 keV to 40 eV) with a 640 pixels (125 μm pitch) for direct x-ray measurement.
  • Diamond Beam Position Monitors: Measure x-ray beam position, shape, intensity/flux and timing from white beam to final target.
  • SpectroCCDs: Direct x-ray detection .5 to 10 Kev with ultra-high resolution (5 micron) pixels.
  • Fast CCD X-Ray Detectors: Work in the same .5 to 10 KeV range as the SpectroCCD but adds a capability of 200 fps. The pixels are 10-30 microns.
  • Keck-PAD Fast-Framing Hybrid Pixel Detectors: Feature fast (150 ns to 10 micro sec) at 128*128 pixels of 150 micron size, with energies up to 25 KeV.
  • Vacuum CCD’s: Designed to operate in vacuum environment covering high UV to near IR range.

Also available are new product introductions from Sydor’s strategic partners Lasermetrics and Photek. Lasermetrics is introducing the Series 5100ERW Pulse Picker System with picking rates up to 100kHz; suitable for regenerative laser amplifier seeding and pulse extraction. Photek is introducing two new products distributed by Sydor Instruments in North America. These include the Lumintek EMCCD technology which incorporates a turn-key solution with advanced image processing software covering a breadth of research applications and the Velocitas VMI (Velocity Map Imaging) system, a powerful tool that features customization for ion imaging and spectrometry techniques. The system is modular and is available as a full system or as individual components.

About Sydor Instruments

Sydor Instruments is a comprehensive diagnostics solution provider. We provide our customers with custom diagnostics, ultrafast imaging systems and ballistic imaging and test systems for a variety of applications in science and industry. Sydor Instruments specializes in streak cameras and single photon applications where the highest resolution and accuracy is required.

Media contact:
Michael Pavia, President, Sydor Instruments
(585) 278-1168