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Sydor Instruments Develops New Streak Camera


Economical Smaller Format Allows for Use in a Variety of Research Applications

Sydor Instruments, LLC has developed the new Sydor ROSS 2550 Streak Camera, which is an economical, smaller format streak camera for a variety of ultrafast applications and general scientific research.

The Sydor ROSS 2550 Streak Camera is built on the same platform and shares many features of the Sydor ROSS 5100 Streak Camera. The ROSS 2550 is capable of remote operation, has extensive EMI shielding, and delivers fast, reliable data acquisition.

“The unique aspect of the Sydor ROSS 2550 Streak Camera is that it is well suited for general university research,” said Michael Pavia, President of Sydor Instruments, LLC. “The ROSS 2550 can operate as a stand alone, single beam instrument or it can be upgraded to incorporate the features of the Sydor ROSS Optical Calibration Module (OCM) for auto-calibration and multi-channel fiber optic inputs.”

The ROSS 2550 is ideal for applications such as spectroscopy, detonics, energetics, ASBO/VISAR/SOP experiments, and other diagnostic applications where single beam imaging is most important.

Sydor Instruments is the only commercial supplier of the ROSS (Rochester Optical Streak System) technology, which has been developed under an exclusive license from the University of Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics in New York.

For more information on the Sydor ROSS 2550 Streak Camera contact Sydor Instruments, LLC at 585-427-9112 or visit