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Sydor Instruments Awarded US Army BPA for Design and Oversight for Joint Munitions Rapid Optical Prototyping Facility


Sydor Instruments announced today that the company has been selected by the US Army Contracting Command, Joint Munitions and Lethality Contracting Center, to receive a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) in support of Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. The five-year agreement, awarded to multiple vendors, includes an unlimited dollar amount ceiling with a $500,000 limit on individual Call Orders.

Sydor Instruments will deliver Rapid Optical Prototyping Facility Design and Oversight support for Picatinny Arsenal’s Optics Lab facility.

“With this newly awarded BPA, Sydor Instruments continues its rich history of providing innovative optical solutions and support to the US Department of Defense,” explains Michael Pavia, President of Sydor Instruments.

Picatinny Arsenal is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of DoD forces through technology transfers to tap and share the most advanced expertise and equipment available. With Picatinny’s focus on energetic and munitions testing, Dan Rao, Sydor Instruments Sales Engineer, says, “This BPA is a great opportunity to significantly advance diagnostics for military imaging applications. Sydor Instruments is uniquely able to design, develop and support custom imaging and diagnostic systems that best support Picatinny’s mission.”

Sydor Instruments continues to build on its world class ROSS (Rochester Optical Streak System) streak camera products and delivers custom single photon counting cameras, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, and detectors for aerospace, energy, and life sciences.