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Sydor Instruments Announces Acquisition of Sabre Ballistics


Sydor Instruments announced today that the company has acquired UK based Sabre Ballistics, a company specializing in providing integrated ballistics test equipment and solutions to customers around the world. This capability when added to Sydor’s expertise in high speed image capture and custom diagnostics enables Sydor to offer the most comprehensive and integrated ballistics testing solutions available. The acquisition will double the size of Sydor’s worldwide customer base, expand the product portfolio, and increase revenues by over fifty percent. As a part of the deal and to ensure a smooth transition, Michael Pavia, President Sydor Instruments, will also take on the role of Managing Director of Sabre Ballistics. Mr. David Balfour, formerly Managing Director of Sabre Ballistics will now become UK Operations Executive and Dr. Martyn Eccles, formerly Technical Director of Sabre Ballistics will now become UK Engineering Manager. Both Mr. Balfour and Dr. Eccles will remain with the company for an extended period of time to ensure continuity and a smooth transition.

“The acquisition of Sabre Ballistics significantly expands our international footprint to 33 countries around the world. We will continue to offer Sabre’s comprehensive portfolio of more than 60 products along with complete design, installation and training services that have always been a hallmark of the company. In addition we will now be able to offer the Sydor Ballistics Imaging systems to current Sabre customers. We also expect to significantly grow the Sabre Ballistics business by introducing their product portfolio to the US through our customer base in the security and defense industries”, states Michael Pavia, President of Sydor Instruments.

“I am confident in Michael’s ability to lead the Sabre Ballistics business and to grow it to its full potential. Our customers will continue to receive the same expert products and service they have come to expect from Sabre Ballistics. The acquisition by Sydor will strengthen our ability to deliver customized, fully integrated solutions to our customers for their ballistics testing needs. Dr. Eccles and I are committed to creating a smooth transition to the new ownership.” states Mr. David Balfour, UK Operations Executive.