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SABRE Ballistics begins execution of Multi-Million Dollar Air Weapons Scoring system in Southeast Asia — SABRE Ballistics is shipping and installing the first of 4 range installations for a major Southeast Asian air force.

CATERHAM, U.K., April 18, 2017 – SABRE Ballistics, a Sydor Technologies Company, is beginning in this fiscal quarter the shipment and installation of the first of four site installations of the SABRE Air Weapons Scoring System (AWSS). The AWSS provides interactive air force pilot training by utilizing real-time feedback regarding the accuracy and effectiveness of the pilot’s performance while in flight. This interactive feedback improves pilot training and allows instrument tuning that provides a significant economic return from the reduced number of sorties and flying hours. The AWSS consists of transportable camera sensor arrays focused on a bomb court and acoustic sensor arrays focused on the strafing court. These sensor arrays stream processed data to command centers, which communicate in real time with the pilots. As part of the contract, SABRE Ballistics is also supplying the turnkey installation of command viewing and equipment towers. The system utilizes a configuration similar to SABRE Ballistics’ land based Mobile Artillery Scoring System (MASS).

The AWSS contract was previously announced just under a year ago. After the commercial aspects were completed SABRE immediately began diligent work to ensure all milestones were achieved well within the customers expected delivery dates. Executing on this contract is a major project for SABRE and our SABRE team has developed a great synergy with our outsource partners to stay very aligned on the complex, turnkey details of an installation in a typically remote base location,” stated Glenn Hopkinson, Vice President, UK Operations, SABRE Ballistic Division.

About SABRE Ballistics
SABRE Ballistics, a Sydor Technologies Company, ( is a global leader in providing ballistic and impact testing solutions for the defense and security industries. SABRE Ballistics provides “turn-key” solutions that conform to international standards. The company’s expertise includes developing project specifications, range designs and construction, containerized ranges, equipment, installations, technical support and training. In addition to setting up various types of land-based ranges and facilities, the company also provides complete airborne, artillery and marine scoring systems. With more than 30 years’ of experience, SABRE Ballistics has provided solutions to customers in 33 countries.

About Sydor Technologies
Sydor Technologies ( is a global leader in providing comprehensive, customized solutions for the most complex measurement challenges that include applications demanding mission critical results. Sydor’s two primary operating divisions supply the research, defense, energy, and security industries. Sydor Instruments specializes in sub picosecond imaging, streak cameras, and HV electronics applications applied to fusion, X-ray synchrotrons, dynamic compression and more. SABRE Ballistics specializes in ballistic and impact test systems used in military, law enforcement, university research and more. 

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Glenn Hopkinson, Vice President of UK Operations
Phone: +44 (0) 1883 33 22 00 

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