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School and Conference on Analysis of Diffraction Data in Real Space
March 17-22
Grenoble, France

Topical Workshop on Injection and Injection Systems
April 1-3
Paul Sherrer Institute, Switzerland

Omega Laser Users’ Group Workshop
April 24-26 
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, New York

International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF)
April 30-May 3
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
Exhibiting – BOOTH # 205C

Advanced Photon Source/Center for Nanoscale Materials Users’ Meeting
May 5-9
Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois
Exhibiting – BOOTH # TBD

NSLS-II and CFN Users’ Meeting
May 20-22
Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York
Exhibiting – BOOTH # 13

Anomalous Absorption Conference
June 6-14
University of New Mexico, New Mexico

4th International Conference on Resonant Elastic X-ray Scattering (REXS 2019)
June 17-21
Riverhead, New York
Exhibiting – BOOTH # 1

11th International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS2019)
June 23-28
Stony Brook University, New York
Exhibiting – BOOTH # TBD

Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) Users’ Meeting
Cornell University, New York

Gordon X-Ray Sciences Conference
July 28-August 2
Easton, Massachusetts

International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC 2019)
July 29-August 2
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Exhibiting– BOOTH # 1

Denver X-Ray Conference
August 5-9
Lombard, Illinois
Exhibiting– BOOTH # TBD

Target Diagnostics Physics and Engineering for Inertial Confinement Fusion VII
August 11-15
San Diego, California

IX Congress of the Spanish Synchrotron User Association (AUSE) and the 4th ALBA User’s Meeting
October 8-10
Madrid, Spain

SSRL/LCLS Users’ Meeting
SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
Exhibiting– BOOTH # TBD

Advanced Light Source User Meeting
Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Berkeley, California, USA
Exhibiting– BOOTH # TBD

International Symposium on Ballistics
November 4-8
Hyderabad, India
Exhibiting– BOOTH # TBD

Milipol Paris
November 19-22
Paris, France
Exhibiting– BOOTH # TBD