Pockels Cell Drivers

Many of the pulse generators manufactured by Kentech are used for driving Pockels cells, making these some of Kentech’s most in-demand products.

Kentech pulsers have been implemented for applications such as Q-switching, intra-cavity chopping, extra-cavity chopping, regenerative amplifier pulse switching, pulse picking and pulse clean up.

The Programmable Pockels Cell Driver (PSP1) is rated for laser pulse chopping over a range of <300 ps to 10 ns.


  • Kentech Programmable Pockels Cell Driver

    Programmable Pockels Cell Driver

    High-voltage pulsers from Kentech Instruments are suitable for a variety of applications, including general purpose triggering, rise time testing, trigger delay generator, laser diode drive, laser pulse shaping and Pockels…

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