Photek Photomultiplier Tubes

Photek Photomultiplier Tubes

The world’s leading manufacturer of micro-channel plate PMTs.

Photek is the world’s leading manufacturer of micro-channel plate photomultiplier tubes (MCP-PMTs, often abbreviated as PMTs) for analysis of ultra-fast optical phenomena in a range of applications including LIDAR, nuclear physics, time-correlated photon counting, and more.

Our engineers work alongside our customers to determine the best photocathode, enhancements, and gating options for the intended application.

Standard Photek PMTs are available in 10 mm, 25 mm, and 40 mm configurations, with single, chevron, or z-stack MCPs. Custom sizes may be available upon request.

Documented to be the fastest PMT’s in the world, we specify standard pulse rise times to 60 ps and pulse FWHM to 100 ps. When paired with Ultra-burst Gating underlayers, users can gate 50 ns to <3 ns.