Photek Image Intensifiers & Diodes

Photek Image Intensifiers

Photek image intensifiers amplify low light levels for applications such as astronomy, high speed imaging, photon counting and fluorescence lifetime measurement. Photek’s image intensifiers provide the best possible performance and are deployed for the most demanding applications that require ultimate sensitivity and reliability.

Our engineers work alongside our customers to determine the best photocathodes, fast-decay phosphors, enhancements, and gating based on the end user’s intended application. These made to order detectors are available in a variety of sizes from 18 mm to 150 mm configurations, with single, chevron, or z-stack MCPs. Custom sizes may be available upon request.

Image Diode & Intensifiers

Sydor can supply integrated HV power supplies, matched to the appropriate gating electronics for safe operation and data collection. Standard ultra-fast gating electronics reach 1.5 ns response times and 3 ns width. Custom electronics will meet faster times.

Photek Image Diodes

An image diode is an image intensifier that does not contain any microchannel plates. Without the MCPs for electron multiplication, light gain occurs due to the acceleration of the photoelectrons and the conversion of the electron energy into light with the phosphor screen. Light gain is typically >10X, and is determined by the photocathode, phosphor and applied voltage.