Photon-Sensitive Detectors

Photon-Sensitive Detectors

Reliability, speed, sensitivity, and resolution are critical when detecting ultra-fast events. This is especially true for single-shot or irreversible experiments where detectors get one critical opportunity to perform.  

Photek manufactures a complete family of detectors. Example products include:

  • Photomultiplier tubes
  • Image intensifiers
  • Photodiodes
  • Multi-channel PMTs
  • Magnetic focus tubes
  • Demagnifier tubes
  • Vacuum imaging detectors
  • Image diodes

Each product is built to order. When applicable, customers can select from multiple sizes, various levels of gain, and choose the applicable photocathodes, phosphors, and so on. Many of the available detectors have gating capabilities. Photek’s detectors offer leading global performance, particularly for their photomultiplier tubes which are known to be the fastest in the world. Photek’s PMTs display rise times down to 60 ps, pulse FWHM to 100 ps, and gating down to ~2 ns!  

With each inquiry, customers are paired with a Sydor technical expert for an application consultation. Our team works alongside our customers to identify and configure the ideal product given the customer’s application. Photek’s products can be supplied with various accessories including power supplies, gate modules, pre-amplifiers, and more. Begin building your photodetector today.


  • Photek Photodiodes

    Photek Photodiode

    Photek photodiodes are the fastest in the world, with pulse rise times to 36 ps and pulse FWHM to 55 ps. Used to detector ultra-fast optical events, photodiodes generate an…

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  • Photek Photomultiplier Tubes

    Photek Photomultiplier Tubes

    Photek is the world’s leading manufacturer of micro-channel plate photomultiplier tubes (MCP-PMTs, often abbreviated as PMTs) for analysis of ultra-fast optical phenomena in a range of applications including LIDAR, nuclear…

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  • Photek Multi-Anode PMT


    The AuraTek MAPMT253 is a next generation Multi-Anode Micro-Channel Plate Photo-Multiplier Tube (MCP-PMT). It can be configured as a multi-channel single photon counter or analog photon pulse analyzer. The 4096…

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  • Pulse Dilation PMT

    PDPMT Controller With Tube

    Sydor’s Pulse Dilation PMT (PD-PMT) allows users to expand a signal, and essentially magnify time to enabled improved temporal resolution. The device uses a custom circumferential photocathode pulser coupled to…

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  • Photek Image Intensifiers & Diodes

    Image Diode & Intensifiers

    Photek image intensifiers amplify low light levels for applications such as astronomy, high speed imaging, photon counting and fluorescence lifetime measurement. Photek’s image intensifiers provide the best possible performance and…

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