Kicker Pulsers

Light sources require the precise ability to deflect electron bunches, be it accelerator storage ring injection/extraction, or deflection into different beamlines of an XFEL.

Kicker Pulsers

New developments are required to keep pace with modern light sources as they enter their fourth generation. In accelerators, high-voltage kicker pulsers with fast rise and fall times and short pulse duration are needed to both inject and extract single electron bunches while maintaining small emittance.

Based on a specific design requirement, the first units of the Sydor Kicker Pulser were engineered to inject and extract particles with the goal of minimum beam loss. It was critical that only the targeted pulse be influenced to ensure that particles of the correct energies were on the desired path. Ultra-fast rise and fall times synchronized to fall between adjacent bunches were the key to this precision. As a result of this precise control, individual bunches have been injected and extracted without destabilizing the trajectories of adjacent bunches.

The output of each unit can be optimized based on each facility’s unique requirements. The Kicker Pulser can be customized to meet the desired pulse shape, amplitude, width, and frequency based on the accelerator’s requirements. View the datasheet below for sample specifications, bearing in mind the ability to customize as needed.