X-ray Detectors


Sydor Technologies provides direct imaging X-ray detectors and sensors spanning the EUV, soft, tender, and hard X-ray regimes. Sydor offers a portfolio of detectors that optimize the capabilities of the newest and brightest light sources. For existing light sources, adding new detector capabilities can be the engine that drives new life into beamline discovery. Sydor detector solutions deliver high dynamic range, low noise, unique pixel sizes, ultrafast speeds, area solutions and electronics readouts for applications such as dynamic compression, plasma, one-time irreversible events, XRD diffraction, XRS scattering, RIXS spectroscopy and more. To optimize your beamline or detector performance, Sydor Diamond Beam Position Monitors (DBPM) solve beam, mirror or sample alignment and feedback control.
Sydor Spectro CCD

The Sydor Spectro CCD uses the same sensor technology and covers the same range as the Sydor Fast CCD, but employs a pixel of 5 microns in the energy axis and a cooled, super low noise (4e-) backend specifically designed for highest energy resolution Spectroscopy applications. The unique 5-micron pixel resolution can allow for up to 5 times LESS spectrometer radius than other solutions.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor Spectro CCD

App Note Download  — Sydor Spectro CCD for RIXS

Poster Download  — High Resolution Camera for Resonant Inelastic Soft X-Ray Scattering Spectroscopy

Poster Download  — Development of Camera Systems for Soft X-Ray Applications

Sydor Keck-PAD

The Sydor Keck-PAD measures tender to hard X-rays with a unique 150 ns capture per 8 independent registers. The Sydor Keck-PAD includes low noise and high dynamic range of 10e3. The Sydor Keck-PAD is tileable into an n×n array to match your experimental requirements. It is specifically suited for irreversible experiments with the fast capture and subsequent readout.

Sydor MM-PAD

The Sydor MM-PAD mixes analog and digital capabilities to form an ultra-wide dynamic range of 10e8 while maintaining single photon counting capability for tender and hard X-rays, making it perfect for diffractive and time resolved scattering experiments. The Sydor MM-PAD is also tileable into an n×n array and can be configured as an area sensor or into unique arrays.

Sydor Fast CCD

The Fast CCD utilizes a unique window to allow capture of EUV to tender X-rays. When combined with on board electronics that acquire at 120fps – about 100 times faster than others – the combination of soft and fast is the best option for many beamline applications.

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Poster Download  — Development of Camera Systems for Soft X-Ray Applications

Sydor Strip Detector

The Sydor Strip Detector is a one-dimensional array detector with unique attributes of lower noise from TEC cooling and unique multiple threshold settings that allow for multi energy windowing selections. The Sydor Strip Detector is packaged for ease of installation and operation, and is very cost-effective.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor X-ray Strip Detector

Sydor X-ray Framing Camera (XFRC)

The Sydor X-ray Framing Camera is a photocathode based detector designed for use in vacuum. It provides 2D spatially time-resolved frames or 1D spectrally resolved images of target features. The system can be configured with fast or slow detection heads for frames ranging from 40 ps to 1000 ps in duration.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor X-Ray Framing Camera (XFRC)

Sydor Continuing Developments

Sydor has established impressive capabilities with partners like Brookhaven, Cornell and Lawrence Berkley to implement detector and DBPM testing. Sydor’s detector and DBPM offerings are under continuous review for further enhancements and commercialization. Sydor is awarded various SBIR/STTR grants for R&D, optimizing capabilities, packaging and cost.

Help with X-ray Detectors
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