X-ray Beam Monitors


Sydor Technologies provides X-ray Diamond Beam Position Monitors (DBPM) to solve the alignment and feedback demands that newer, fine resolution beamlines require, including steering and position control of the beamline, mirrors, or sample. Sydor provides unique monitors that utilize a custom metallized, electronic grade diamond to provide in-situ flux, position, timing and imaging. Sydor can configure the monitor to your specifications. These monitors can be mated to Sydor’s intelligent, real-time feedback controllers for closed loop control. Call or email our application specialists and we can help you configure your mono, pink and white beam solutions. Sydor also provides direct X-ray detectors that span the EUV, soft, tender and hard X-ray regimes.

x02: Stage Mount, ambient w/ inert gas purge

x04: CF2.125 flange 10-9 Vacuum (UHV)

x03: QF25 Flange mount 10-7 vacuum

x05: Stage Mount w/ ambient, vacuum, & UHV versions

Sydor Stage Mount DBPM

The Sydor Stage Mount DBPM is a very compact unit that was designed for mounting on a customer supplied translation stage. It is also used with or without translation within small UHV chamber areas. Typically, the DBPM remains in the beam during experiments but for removal the Stage Mount utilizes an offset aperture that only needs 5 mm stroke to remove the DBPM from the beam. Sydor helps you configure the optimum mix of diamond thicknesses and metallizations to match your requirements. Stage Mount designs include options for ambient/He environments to Ultra High Vacuum.
The Sydor Stage Mount employs flexible cabling that mates well with to micro-positioning devices and tight bend radiuses.

Sydor Flange Mount DBPM

The Sydor Flange Mount DBPM includes the various flux, position, or multi-quadrant diamond configurations with cost-effective packaging for mounting onto a QF or another low vacuum flange. It can also be upgraded to a UHV configuration or customized for unique situations. Sydor’s solutions also include a dual-quad monitor utilizing two offset zones that can be used, for example, for precise K-B mirror alignment. Sydor has a variety of packages for different flange configurations, vacuum and window requirements. When mated to the Sydor intelligent Beam Position Monitor I/O controller (BPMio), the Sydor package integrates the monitor’s input amps, output digitization of flux, position and timing, calibration and closed loop stage/align feedback. The BPMio integrates to the synchrotron network and GUI via EPICS or Tango.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor Diamond Beam Position Monitor (DBPM)

In-house QA and Metallization

Sydor has established impressive capabilities with partners like Brookhaven National Lab to implement DBPM development and testing. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer custom DBPM metalizations, adjust cleaning and bonding procedures, and quality assurance. Sydor’s in-house test abilities include an X-ray source with an integral BPMio stage feedback system for QA verifications.

Continuing Developments

Sydor’s DBPM and detector offerings are under continuous review for further enhancements and commercialization. Sydor is awarded various SBIR/STTR grants to allow partner organizations the added R&D to continually optimize capabilities and cost.


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The data below explain various performance aspects of our x-ray beam position monitors.


Single Crystal Diamond Flux Calibration
High quality diamond sensors have been shown to have a linear response with x-ray flux over 11 orders of magnitude.2

Responsivity vs Photon Energy
High quality diamond sensors can operate over a wide spectral range.1

X Position Resolution

Y Position Resolution

High quality diamond quadrant sensors provide position resolutions of at least 0.1% of the x-ray beam dimensions. The position resolution measurements shown are for a 4.00 mm(hor.) x 1.00mm(vert.) x-ray beam.3

Temporal Response
High quality diamond sensors allow the observation of synchrotron bunches with 2

Sydor intelligent Beam Position Monitor I/O controller (BPMio)

The Sydor intelligent Beam Monitor I/O Controller (BPMio) is a comprehensive package for the Sydor family of monitors. The unit includes input for up to 4 channels of BPM input, applies a bias voltage out, and has 6 high speed control I/O plus four programmable PID analog out (-/+10 VDC). The system can be matched to any position controller requiring pico to micro amp input requirements. The system has a full software suite and includes calibration routines. The BPMio runs in an EPICS or Tango environment.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor intelligent Beam Position Monitor I/O controller (BPMio)

Sydor Beam Position Electrometer (BPMem)

The Sydor Beam Position Electrometer (BPMem) is a high performance 4-channel Electrometer, specifically made for taking in beam position monitor’s pico to micro amp signals via the BPMem’s output bias voltage of 0-20 VDC, unipolar. The unit uses a 20-bit high dynamic range, with programmable gains (8) with gates from 320 µs to 1 s. The flux and position output are provided via a continuous current integrator generated from a dual integration scheme with a minimum 2.5 kHz integration resolution required.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor Beam Position Electrometer (BPMem)

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