X-ray Beam Monitors

When standard products just aren’t good enough—or the measurement technology does not yet exist—Sydor Technologies develops technology to enable these complex imaging measurements. Just as we’ve developed next-generation streak cameras and x-ray detectors to meet novel, emerging requirements in national laboratories, we’re doing the same with x-ray beam monitors.

DBPMWe’ve developed extremely accurate diamond beam position monitors (DBPMs) that take advantage of the exceptional characteristics of electronic-grade, single-crystal diamonds. These diamond-based transmission beam monitors provide a unique capability for synchrotron beamlines, measuring the position, intensity and time structure of the x-ray beam.

Our cutting-edge technology includes DBPMs that we have released—as well as others still under development—for measuring and controlling the position, shape, intensity/flux and timing of synchrotron x-ray beams, with resolution at .01% of the beam size. Sydor Technologies also provides DBPM readout electronics, and customized packaging to meet unique beamline requirements. Our future DBPM solutions will also provide the added capability of imaging. We also provide comprehensive, integrated solutions including installation, training, support and service contracts.

Datasheet Download  — Sydor Diamond Beam Position Monitor (DBPM)
Datasheet Download  — Sydor EP-A3P Electronics Module
Datasheet Download  — Sydor 4 Channel Electrometer

The data below explain various performance aspects of our x-ray beam position monitors.

Single Crystal Diamond Flux Calibration
High quality diamond sensors have been shown to have a linear response with x-ray flux over 11 orders of magnitude.2

Responsivity vs Photon Energy
High quality diamond sensors can operate over a wide spectral range.1

X Position Resolution

Y Position Resolution

High quality diamond quadrant sensors provide position resolutions of at least 0.1% of the x-ray beam dimensions. The position resolution measurements shown are for a 4.00 mm(hor.) x 1.00mm(vert.) x-ray beam.3

Temporal Response
High quality diamond sensors allow the observation of synchrotron bunches with <5 ns response time.2

X-ray Beam Monitor Configurations

As part of our work developing custom solutions for leading, world-class laboratories, we offer and are developing different configurations of x-ray beam monitors, including:

X00 Package: Post Mounted

X01 Package: Low-profile Cantilever

X02 Package: Inert Gas Flow or Sealed

X03 Package: QF/KF/NW25 Flange Mounted

X04 Package: CF Vacuum Port Mounted

X05 Package: Compact Offset

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Help with X-ray Beam Monitors
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