DynaCal: Dynamic Calibration for ROSS Streak Cameras

The DynaCal Optical Calibration Module (OCM) is designed exclusively for the Sydor ROSS Streak Camera to ensure accuracy, both over time and in situ, so you can be confident that the data from your shot is certified to be correlated to the calibration of your camera. The beauty of in situ calibration is that the cost of removing and resetting the camera is avoided—and so is the risk of the replacement of the camera and shifting or disturbing the sensitive nature of streak camera results. Only in situ calibration will reveal the real world effects of EMR, gravity, electronic noise and more when they distort your camera results.

dynacal_3d_smThe patented DynaCal optical calibration module simultaneously performs dynamic geometric and temporal calibrations, in a single image acquisition. It provides dynamic system calibration and imaging of fiber-coupled and free-space signals onto the streak tube of the ROSS Streak Camera. The module also ensures sub-1% measurement accuracy in situ—the only long-term guarantee that your results really reflect the data the camera sees. We understand this level of certification—and the patented, exclusive DynaCal is just one example that proves our commitment to providing the world’s best streak camera results.

The DynaCal incorporates Sydor’s optical comb generator. Sydor optical comb generators or (for slower applications) Sydor’s fiberized laser pulse generators can be purchased separately for use on a streak camera or remotely for other lab purposes, triggering, timing, or reference signals. Please view our Test and Calibration Accessories page.

Download Datasheet — DynaCal

More specifically, the DynaCal Optical Calibration Module provides:

  • dynamic geometric and temporal calibration
  • time base calibration
  • slow sweep geometric correction
  • static spatial resolution measurement
  • flatfield correction image acquisition

Help with the DynaCal OCM & ROSS Streak Camera
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