Streak Cameras

Sydor Technologies develops and transfers technology to enable complex, femto to micro second optical measurements, including measurements that are considered extremely difficult. Sydor started in business by solving the USA’s national lab requirement to successfully reproduce streak camera systems with under 1% accuracy.

8600Sydor made it commercially available—and extended the technology to include dynamic on board calibration, modeled streak tubes with outstanding new performance metrics, advanced software analysis and robust electronics and drivers to pulse the streak systems faster and more linear than ever before. The Sydor ROSS Streak Camera features dynamic calibration—with our proprietary, DynaCal (optical calibration module). The ROSS 5800 features a new, ultra high performance optical streak tube. Our smaller more portable ROSS 1000 and 2000 units combine our expertise in calibration, sweep ramps and triggers to solve the requirement for flexible university research and development operation. The ROSS 6000 X-Ray streak camera features a modeled X-ray tube with unprecedented performance compared to alternatives.


Expanding Your Capabilities
Ross_App Software

streakcamera_2To better control, monitor and optimize ROSS streak camera performance, ROSS Streak Cameras come bundled with ROSS_App image analysis and control software (Microsoft Windows compatible). The ROSS_App has real-time image analysis capabilities—including exponential decay, fits with system-response deconvolution and can store images in HDF, FITS and ASCII formats for direct integration with common image analysis tools.

The ROSS_App software also:

  • integrates all functions of the streak camera and controls and calibrates spectrometers
  • easily automates acquisition and measurement
  • provides software-closed loop voltage stability
  • features graphical-based scripting capability to automate any task—and allows you to create your own algorithms
  • can be customized to meet your specific needs and requirements
DynaCal OCM (Optical Calibration Module)

dynacal_3d_smThe proprietary Sydor DynaCal can save significant time and effort by providing remote in-situ calibration. Before running a critical or one time experiment, a user can run a calibration reference test just prior to the experiment – assuring results and any calibration shifts are documented for experiments that might be taken years apart.

In developing and innovating ROSS streak camera technology, we offer several optical and X-ray streak and framing models. We are developing more functionality and performance to meet your specific research and measurement needs. In addition, Sydor Technologies provides installation, training, support and service contracts.

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Testing and Calibration Accessories

Sydor Technologies offers a suite of custom-designed products both Sydor and other streak systems. These include laser pulse generators, M to GHz comb generators, input sources, targets, fixtures and adaptors that augment the operation and enable precise and repeatable calibration of streak cameras..

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Sydor Pulse Dilation PMT (PD-PMT)

Sydor’s Pulse Dilation PMT (PD-PMT) uses a custom circumferential photocathode pulser coupled to an expanded PMT tube to magnify the time resolution of our fastest 100 ps PMT to under 10 ps. This expanded time resolution is maintained even when using a relatively slow and less expensive oscilloscope readout system with only 2 to 6 GHz capability. This PD-PMT offers extreme performance, but with the ease of simple and robust operation. The resulting expansion enables the use of inexpensive readout electronics for applications that otherwise would require expensive high-performance electronics. The PD-PMT brings new capabilities to Cherenkov measurements, gamma reaction history, time of flight, luminescence, and other experiments where a high temporal resolution window is required.

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Development of an Ultra-Fast Photomultiplier Tube for the Next Generation Of Gamma-Ray Cherenkov Detectors for The National Ignition Facility
Improved Ablator Areal Density Analysis By Investigating Background Gamma-Ray Signal

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Help with ROSS Streak Cameras
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ROSS Streak Camera Options
Camera ROSS 8600 ROSS 8200 ROSS 6000 ROSS 5800 ROSS 2000 ROSS 1000
Datasheet Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF Download PDF
Streak Tube P860X P820 Kentech Low Mag ST-DS ST-X Photochron 5
Tube Manufacturer  Photonis Photonis Kentech Photek Photek Photek
X-ray or Optical X-ray Optical X-ray Optical Optical Optical
Photocathode Size 10 mm 10 mm 25 mm 35 mm 20 mm 8 mm
MCP No No Optional (40 mm) No Yes (25 mm) Yes (25 mm)
Standard Camera 2048 x 2048 chilled scientific grade
2048 x 2048 chilled
scientific grade
4096 x 4096 chilled>
scientific grade
2048 x 2048 chilled
scientific grade
2452 x 2056 interline
2452 x 2056 interline
Cooled Camera Standard Standard Standard Standard Available Available
Camera Coupling 1:1 Fiber 1:1 Fiber 1:1 Fiber 1:1 Fiber Lens Lens
Spatial Resolution 20 lp/mm @ 50% constrast 20 lp/mm @ 60% contrast 10 lp/mm 10 lp/mm @ 70% contrast 10 lp/mm @ 50% contrast 10 lp/mm @ 50% contrast
Limiting Temporal Resolution 1 ps 1 ps 5 ps 5 ps < 36 ps < 2 ps
Synchroscan No No No No No Yes
Maximum Sweep Speeds 2 speeds 4 Speeds 12 speeds 6 speeds 12 Speeds per sweep module 16 Speeds per sweep module
Gateable Photocathode No
(Blanking Available)
(Blanking Available)
Yes Yes Yes No
Mu-metal Shielding Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Fiber Input No 2 standard No 2 Standard 1 standard N/A
Mounting Configurations TIM/DIM Bench (Multiple Slit Configurations) Flange, TIM/DIM Bench (Multiple Slit Configurations) Bench Bench