Services: Imaging Detectors

Technology Transfer

Sydor Technologies is a proven, trusted collaborator— that has delivered successful technology-transfers and product development via private deals as well as developments from SBIR’s and other grant programs. We can help you transform next-generation measurement technology into a commercial product.

The founding of our company started with a technical transfer with the University of Rochester Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) to commercialize the ROSS Streak Camera for energy research and defense applications. With the success of this transfer, our partnership with LLE expanded, we’ve added X-ray Framing Camera, DynaCal, and more over the years.

Sydor Technologies partnered with the Brookhaven National Lab with added funding via SBIR’s, and helped develop and commercialize X-ray Strip Detectors and Diamond Beam Position Monitors. More collaborations include partnerships with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the commercialization of Fast CCD and Spectro CCD. Currently SBIR’s and  a collaboration with Cornell University are commercializing the Sydor Keck PAD and MM PAD. We managed the development of the PD-PMT pulse dilation under Los Alamos National Lab, and commercializing a novel picosecond Gated Optical Imager. 

The technical transfer work Sydor provides allows for development of a proper manufacturing model, with parts sourcing, efficient manufacturing, obsolescence management, software development, documentation, and warranty and servicing for the life cycle of a product. This is very critical for equipment that might be built in low volumes, but have lifetimes of 10 to 15 years.

Custom Engineering

Sydor Instruments can provide custom engineering solutions to enable scientific discovery and help deliver the data you need.

Whether designing a custom streak camera, intensifying a Commercial Off-The-Shelf CCD camera, designing drive electronics for picosecond pulsers, integrating and building a ToF diagnostic, or other involved application, Sydor Technologies can help determine your requirements, and design and deliver custom electro-optic solutions that best suit the diagnostic and imaging requirements for your research and applications.

Software Development

As a trusted collaborator and technology-transfer partner, we understand how complex experiments and measurements often require more sophisticated software. That’s why we offer custom software design services to help you graph, model, and analyze data more efficiently and effectively. Our custom software development solutions span a broad spectrum of applications.

For example, we’ve created solutions for ballistic imaging applications, both via the IRIS software and via embedded applications to drive data to external devices. Our Diamond Beam Monitors and associated electronics employ data transfer devices to plug and play with industry standard GUIs, like EPICS. The Sydor Technologies ROSS_App is used for our streak cameras, but also independently, as the powerful scripting language behind it gives our customers the ability to customize quickly and cost-effectively—and we have users running thousands of scripts for external image analysis, feedback control, data manipulation and more.

Installation, Training & Support

As leading innovators, trusted collaborators, and accomplished technology-transfer partners, we know what it takes to install a comprehensive, integrated system, and train people how to use it productively and efficiently. We can work side-by-side with your staff to ensure a seamless and timely installation. We can also provide complete documentation (for production diagnostics systems) and provide your staff with technical manuals and comprehensive training to help increase productivity (and lower your total cost of ownership). And when it comes to support, Sydor Technologies service engineers can help you improve the consistency, accuracy and reliability of your testing. Of course, we also provide timely support for no-nonsense troubleshooting, quick replacements, and timely upgrades.

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