Photek is a specialist manufacturer of vacuum based detectors and camera systems for photon detection. Photeks engineers are experts in large area and ultra-high speed imaging and advanced photon counting camera systems. Available products include Image Intensifiers, Camera Systems, Photomultiplier Tubes, and a range of associated electronics. The company has a long and successful history or working with the scientific and industrial community. Detectors are deployed for the most demanding applications across the globe. Founded in 1991, Photek is headquartered in a 1500m2 East Sussex facility that features a Class 10,000 clean room. Custom products and electronics are available upon request.

Photon Counting Cameras

Photek and Sydor photon-counting components and systems are unique solutions with the fastest rise/fall times, excellent spatial resolutions with unique protective packaging designs.


Photon Sensitive Detectors

Photek image intensifiers amplify low light levels for applications such as astronomy, high speed imaging, photon counting and fluorescence lifetime measurement.


Auratek Multi-Anode Detectors

Each multi-anode detector and multi-anode photon counting system features MCP-based PMTs and provide users with high density spatial and temporal information.


Help with Photek Detectors & Cameras
To learn more, or ask questions about Photek detectors & cameras, please call +1 585.278.1168 or email