Sydor Picosecond Gated Optical Imager (psGOI)

The Sydor Picosecond Gated Optical Imager (psGOI) is a fully-integrated imaging system that employs ultra-fast, 80 ps gating capability to capture crisp images without blur. The system uses multiple imaging heads to acquire 2D images at chosen gate times for fusion, LIDAR, and shock experiments. Solutions are available as 1, 2, 4, or 8-channel configurations. Sydor applies an axial magnetic control field to enhance the spatial resolution to overcome potential distortions commonly associated with imaging at this fast of gating speeds. Sydor integrates operation of the independent head timing, ultra-low jitter triggering, CCD cameras, and power distribution within the Sydor GOIapp software. The psGOI is a powerful diagnostics imaging solution which is cost effective and easy to implement.

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AuraTek Multi-Anode Detector Family

The AuraTek product family adds two new multi-anode detectors and one multi-anode photon counting system to the Photek suite of products distributed by Sydor in the United States. Each of the detectors feature MCP-based PMTs and provide users with high density spatial and temporal information. Suggested applications include: high content screening, time resolved spectroscopy, wide field time correlated single photon counting, FLIM, FRET, LIDAR, wave shifting fiber readout, and microplate readout, to name a few. These new PMTs demonstrate 430 ps FWHM pulse width, transit time spread of <40ps, and are immune to magnetic fields.

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256 Channel Photon Counting System
1,024 Channel Multi-Anode Round MCP-PMT
4,096 Channel Multi-Anode Square MCP-PMT

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Sydor Pulse Dilation PMT (PD-PMT)

Sydor’s Pulse Dilation PMT (PD-PMT) uses a custom circumferential photocathode pulser coupled to an expanded PMT tube to magnify the time resolution of our fastest 100 ps PMT to under 10 ps. This expanded time resolution is maintained even when using a relatively slow and less expensive oscilloscope readout system with only 2 to 6 GHz capability. This PD-PMT offers extreme performance, but with the ease of simple and robust operation. The resulting expansion enables the use of inexpensive readout electronics for applications that otherwise would require expensive high-performance electronics. The PD-PMT brings new capabilities to Chernokov measurements, gamma reaction history, time of flight, luminescence, and other experiments where a high temporal resolution window is required.

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