AuraTek Multi Anode Detector Family

AuraTek Multi-Anode Detector Family

The AuraTek product family adds two new multi-anode detectors and one multi-anode photon counting system to the Photek suite of products distributed by Sydor in the United States. Each of the detectors feature MCP-based PMTs and provide users with high density spatial and temporal information. Suggested applications include: high content screening, time resolved spectroscopy, wide field time correlated single photon counting, FLIM, FRET, LIDAR, wave shifting fiber readout, and microplate readout, to name a few. These new PMTs demonstrate 430 ps FWHM pulse width, transit time spread of <40ps, and are immune to magnetic fields.

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256 Channel Photon Counting System
1,024 Channel Multi-Anode Round MCP-PMT
4,096 Channel Multi-Anode Square MCP-PMT
Further Studies of the Analogue Saturation Limit of MCP-PMTs

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