Kentech Ground Probing Radar Pulse Source

Kentech Ground Probing Radar (GPR) Impulse Generator

Kentech’s Ground Probing Radar (GPR) Impulse Generator is a compact and battery-operated pulse source intended for ice probing radar and ground probing radar applications. The system has been tested in harsh environments down to -20°C.

The radio waves emitted from a complete GPR set up can be used to identify and locate buried objects. Paired with the appropriate system components, such as antennae, digitizers, and GPS, this can be a powerful tool for applications in glaciology and topology.

All Kentech GPR pulsers have customer-switchable frequencies (laboratory environment required). They can also be supplied with special request customizations, such as an external trigger or field-switchable frequencies (two internally stored frequencies, or variable frequencies when paired with an external pulse generator).  For more information, please contact us today.

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