ALS User Meeting

September 11th, 2023 – Hybrid
Image credit ALS

As a trusted supplier of advanced detector and beamline diagnostics instruments to National Labs, Sydor Technologies is proud to be supporting the Advanced Light Source by sponsoring the 2023 ALS User meeting at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Sydor Technologies is a US-based technology innovation partner specializing in the development and manufacturing of complex measurement tools and test systems. Over the past two decades, Sydor has provided application-optimized solutions to national laboratories, synchrotrons, universities, and industrial organizations across the globe.

Our detection and imaging solutions span the visible through x-ray spectrum, with customized configurations available to meet unique requirements. In addition to detectors and diagnostics, our team also delivers custom fast-rise high-voltage pulsers.

Contact our team to learn about Sydor’s full set of EUV/X-ray detection and beamline monitoring solutions.

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