Kentech has a reputation for designing and manufacturing extremely high quality and specialized electronics and electro-optics equipment, such as pulsers with >40 kV into 50 Ω with 100 MHz burst (>100 µs) into 50 Ω, and Pockels cell drivers achieving 100 ps laser beam chopping.

Sydor Technologies has integrated Kentech electronics and electro-optics in leading labs around the world—and provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for Kentech electronics and electro-optics, including installation, training, support, and service. Sydor Technologies is the exclusive sales and applications partner of Kentech equipment in North America. Sydor Technologies features the following Kentech electronics and electro-optics products:




Kentech Instruments: Electronic Components for High-Speed Imaging

Kentech Instruments’ products are well suited for applications such as:

  • Laser pulse shaping
  • Drivers for laser diodes
  • Trigger pulse and delay generation
  • High speed camera drive
  • EMC testing
  • LINC injector drive
  • Particle beam deflection
  • Fast detector testing
Electronics from Kentech Instruments

Kentech Instruments’ electronics are also ideal for applications requiring high voltage and fast rise times down to <100 ps. Kentech Instruments specializes in electronics that focus in the high voltage, fast rise time regime, and provides the capability to customize products to meet your research, scientific, and experimental needs.

High-voltage Pulsers from Kentech Instruments

High-voltage pulsers from Kentech Instruments are suitable for a variety of applications, including general purpose triggering, rise time testing, trigger delay generator, laser diode drive, laser pulse shaping and Pockels cells drivers to name a few. They are also capable of providing high-rep rates, pulse shaping, variable pulse length, variable voltage, and can be designed to work with a resistive or a capacitive load, depending on your specific needs. And computer controls can also be provided.

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Help with Products from Kentech Instruments
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