Many high performance optical solutions are not limited by the optics, but are limited by the electronic or pulser drive capabilities. Sydor Technologies provides the electronics and electro-optic solutions that enable high-speed imaging diagnostics. We drive the pulse across an MCP face that allows time dilated 10 ps resolution, just as we drive the linear sweep of a streak camera ramp to enable precision spatial and temporal measurement. For flexible lab uses we provide arbitrary waveform generators that adapt as your needs change. We drive high voltage, ultra fast, exceedingly uniform waveform signals for pockels cells control. In accelerators we supply 20kV kicker and injector capabilities for per bunch extraction, as well as electron gun pulsers to optimize thermionic gun capabilities.
Electronics & Electro-optics for High-speed and Ultrafast Diagnostics

World-class imaging solutions demand world-class electronics and electro-optic devices. That’s why Sydor Technologies provides novel solutions with our partner Kentech Instruments Ltd. Sydor is the exclusive distributor in North America, as well as a development partner to supply unique capabilities. Some co-developed applications include kicker pulsers, pulse dilation PMT’s, picosecond gated optical imaging, streak camera ramp drives and more.

Enabling High-Speed, and Ultrafast Imaging & Diagnostics

The electronic pulser can be the limiting component, impacting the capabilities of your advanced project. Speed, high voltages, adaptive waveforms can all be used to solve or enhance capabilities. Our pulsers feed voltage ramps to streak camera deflection plates, allowing a ramp up time, a perfectly linear ramp used for data collection, and a quick deceleration to prepare for the next shot. The pulse dilation function of the PD-PMT relies on pulling electrons off a photocathode in a very controlled, time identified manner that allows 10 picosecond resolution – even with 2GHz readout electronics.

Selection, Engineering, and Support for Electronics & Electro-optic Devices

To make-or-buy a solution that is so leading edge and high risk is always a question in any development program. Sydor has proven expertise and we provide options to make informed product decisions. Unlike homemade solutions, we also offer product engineering and lifecycle support.