Spectroscopy CCD

Spectroscopy CCD Designed to Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (RIXS)

For x-ray spectroscopy applications, such as Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (RIXS), the Sydor Spectro CCD would be the suggested detector. The combination of the ultra-fine pixels and the tilted mechanics allows for <2 micron resolution, which is critical for spectroscopy applications. Learn more by reading the Spectro CCD for RIXS app note.

The Sydor Spectro CCD is a soft x-ray detector with an ultra-fine pixel structure, engineered for spectroscopy experiments with photon starved applications requiring high QE and low noise.

Sydor’s ultra-thin depletion contact is mated to a 5*40 μm pixel configuration. This combination gives superior collection of spectroscopy data and offers almost three times finer resolution than the alternative detectors.

Sydor Spectro CCD

When using 5 μm pixels and adding the tilt capabilities of the detector, < 2 μm pixel resolution along the energy axis can be achieved. For new or future spectrometer designs the detection leg can be significantly shortened, thus reducing costs and ensuring better accuracy with more controlled mechanics.

Sydor’s design is unique due to the pixel configuration, overall light weight, tilt options, and accommodating 100-hour N2 microdose, vibration-free cooling. The Sydor Spectro CCD can avoid centroiding processing and additive errors, and has no dead space over the sensor array (fully chip monolithic construction).

The Sydor Spectro CCD provides exceptional resolution with low noise performance, providing new discovery opportunities to RIXS and other spectroscopy applications.