Sydor Fast CCD

The Sydor Fast CCD is more than 100x faster than alternative soft x-ray CCDs and will acquire images at up to 120 fps.

The ultra-thin depletion contact is ideal forenergies below 0.5 keV up to 9 keV, making this detector single photon sensitive with extremely high QE. The fast acquisition will cut experimental times by hours, and in ptychography applications even days! The faster acquisition rates also allow samples to maintain fidelity while under exposure to X-rays.

In addition to the excellent framing performance Sydor’s detector has been shown to have a higher damage threshold than its competitors. Exposure damage requires significant spares inventory or may involve extensive downtime, both which can affect beamline users’ ability to meet critical deadlines.

Sydor Fast CCD

The exceptional quality of the Sydor Fast CCD, combined with its soft x-ray sensitivity, image acquisition speed, and low-noise performance make the detector ideal for ptychography, holography, diffraction and scattering experiments.