Direct Detectors

Sydor Technologies provides direct imaging X-ray detectors and sensors spanning the EUV, soft, tender, and hard X-ray regimes.

Direct X-ray Detectors

Sydor offers a portfolio of detectors that optimize the capabilities of the newest and brightest light sources. For existing light sources, adding new detector capabilities can be the engine that drives new life into beamline discovery.

Sydor detector solutions deliver high dynamic range, low noise performances, ultra-fast acquisition speeds, unique pixel sizes and sensor geometries. Each is paired with high readout electronics for elite performance in applications such as dynamic compression, plasma, one-time irreversible events, x-ray diffraction, x-ray scattering, x-ray spectroscopy and more.

To optimize your beamline or detector performance, Sydor Diamond Beam Position Monitors (DBPM) solve beam, mirror or sample alignment and feedback control.

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Hard X-Ray Solutions

Experiments that use hard X-ray photons to probe samples require high-performance detectors to measure the emitted signals. For the best conversion efficiencies, direct detection bump bonded imaging detectors are often the tool of choice. However, some applications are still restricted by the dynamic range of the detectors available; while other time-resolved investigations constantly strive for higher frame rates where in some cases there is desire to capture images synchronized to individual pulses or x-ray bunches.

Across the complete hard X-Ray energy spectrum, experimental discovery is limited by current detector capabilities. Now, commercial offerings are available from Sydor to span the hard X-ray spectrum for both time-resolved and/or extreme dynamic range requirements.

Sydor’s Si or CdTe hard x-ray detectors include:

  • Acquisition rates up to 9.1MHz with the Sydor Keck-Pixel Array Detector (Keck-PAD)
  • An ultra-wide dynamic range of 10e8 8KeV Photons/pix with the Sydor Mixed-Mode Pixel Array Detector (MM-PAD).

These detectors offer a powerful suite beneficial for time-resolved applications such as:

  • Materials in Extreme Conditions,
  • High Energy Density Physics
  • Shock Physics
  • Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering
  • Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
  • Diffraction


  • Sydor Keck-PAD

    MM Keck Pad

    The Sydor Keck-PAD acquires 8 independent images at rates of up to 6.6 MHz in the tender and hard X-ray domains. Beamlines with tender to hard x-ray energies can deploy…

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  • Sydor MM-PAD

    MM Keck Pad

    The Sydor Mixed Mode-PAD (MM-PAD) provides ultra-wide dynamic range of 10e8 (@8 KeV photons) by utilizing a huge full well capacity whilst maintaining noise levels well below a single photon.The…

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Soft X-Ray Solutions

To overcome the difficulties of detecting soft x-rays with fully-depleted CCDs and simultaneously achieving market-leading QE, our teams have implemented an ultra-thin (10 nm) depletion contact on the sensor. Full depletion of the CCD ensures all charge is swept efficiently through the active region of the detector; reducing noise and ensuring that the minimum point Spread Functions (PSF) can be achieved.

In conjunction with low-noise readout electronics, the Sydor Fast CCD and Sydor Spectro CCD family of detectors offer the ultimate Signal to Noise detection, whilst also offering market-leading performance in frame rates and pixel resolutions. This sensor capability enables researchers to explore and experiment with greater resolution and/or speed.

After years of development and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding, these detectors are now commercially supplied by Sydor.

Since 2004 Sydor has developed a strong x-ray and synchrotron business and now supports scientists, production and service teams dedicated to this market.


  • Sydor Fast CCD

    Sydor Fast CCD

    The Sydor Fast CCD is more than 100x faster than alternative soft x-ray CCDs and will acquire images at up to 120 fps. The ultra-thin depletion contact is ideal forenergies…

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  • Sydor Spectro CCD

    Sydor Spectro CCD

    For x-ray spectroscopy applications, such as Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (RIXS), the Sydor Spectro CCD would be the suggested detector The combination of the ultra-fine pixels and the tilted mechanics…

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